4 simple Linux music players

Last week, I wrote and article about how to play audio files on the terminal by using xmms2. And playing xmms2 on the terminal is still my favorite choice because of its simplicity and geeky features. But after reading the comments, I realize that it's not easy to use the terminal to play music for those who are new to Linux or not used to using the command line. A music player with a graphic interface should still be the default choice for the majority.

If you want to use Arch Linux like me, to choose a music player is mandatory. And if you are using Ubuntu and find Banshee bloated with too many features that you have never used, you may want to try something new. And the cool thing about Linux is that there are always many other choices for you. So if you are willing to try something new and simple, here are 4 simple audio players that you can use in your Linux desktop.


As I said above, all the players I write about today are very simple and Deadbeed is my favorite. Its interface has nothing fancy, and it only provides the basic options for a music player.

simple music players for linux

Since Deadbeef is actually quite popular nowadays, most distros have it in the respiratory. Installing Deadbeef is therefore very simple, just run sudo pacman -S deadbeef if you are using Archlinux. And run sudo apt-get install deadbeef if you are using Ubuntu or other debian-based distros.


Pogo is another simple audio player, it even doesnt have a menu bar, and you can know it's not a bad thing just by reading its self description: " Probably the simplest and fastest audio player for Linux"

simple music players

If you are using Arch Linux, here is the aur package for pogo. If you are using Ubuntu, Pogo can be downloaded at here.

Quod Libet

Other than playing music, Quod Libet has a simple interface that only shows what you want to see. It has a clean interface, yet able to play the required information all in one place. At any point of time, you can choose from the "view" option to get it to show either your playlist, album list, filesystem or internet radio.

simple audio players

 If you are using Arch Linux, just run sudo pacman -S quodlibet. If you are using other distros, you can download it here.

Decibel Audio Player

When compared to the powerhouse players like Banshee or Amarok, Deciel Audio Player is really a decimal of it. It doesnt support any visualization, album artwork, internet radio or anthing else, it does in fact do only one thing: play music. It is truly useful if you just want to play the music and not be bothered or distracted by any other miscellaneous stuff.

decibel audio player

If you are using Arch Linux, here is the aur package. If you are using other distros, here is the direct link to download Decibel Audio Player.
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