How to make the terminal permanently transparent in the Openbox enviroment

Excessive usage of the command line is the trademark of Linux and you can distinguish an experienced Linux user from the newbies by the way he uses the terminal. Making the terminal transparently immerged into the wallpaper is in fact very popular among developers and hackers because of its practical and coolness factor. It is something like a conky appearing transparently over the wallpaper without any border, menu bar or toolbar, it is very useful to view source-code or to get an interative process status of the system.

If you dont know what I am talking about, just take a look at the image below. In this screenshot, I am actually using two terminal emulators here. The one on the left is lxterminal and the one on the right is terminator. These two terminals in my opinion are very intuitively effective and I highly recommend you to use them.
transparent terminal on wallpaper in openbox
My desktop with two terminals running, lxterminal on the left and terminator on the right
 Now I will show you step by step about how to make the terminals look like how they appear on my desktop.

Step 1 :
 Open obconf ( I think you have downloaded this useful package already if you chose to use openbox as the desktop enviroment) and in the Appearance tab, uncheck the line “ Windows retain a border when undecorated

Step 2 :
a/ If you are using lxterminal
Open the file lxterminal.conf with your favorite text editor in ~/.config/lxterminal/ then change the variables into something like this then save and exit:

fontname=Monospace 10

Next, to make lxterminal transparent, open the file rc.xml in ~/.config/openbox/ then add the following codes into between the "-->" symbol ( near the end of the file)  and </applications> then save and exit:

<application name="lxterminal" class="Lxterminal">
   <position force="yes">

** Change the variables of x and y for another position of the terminal on the desktop, change skip_taskbar to "yes" if you want the terminal to act like conky
** If you want the terminal to be open automatically after you log in, open the file in ~/.config/openbox/ then add lxterminal & then save and exit

b/ If you are using terminator
Open the file config in ~/.config/terminator/ then edit the those variables like that then save and exit:

geometry_hinting = False
borderless = True
scrollbar_position = disabled
background_darkness = 0.0
background_type = transparent
icon_bell = False
show_titlebar = False
type = Terminal
parent = window0
type = Window
parent = ""

Next, open rc.xml in ~/.config/openbox/ again and do similarly to lxterminal, but change the name and class variables into "terminator" in lieu of "lxterminal"
If you want to start terminator at log in, just add "terminator &" to in ~/.config/openbox/

That is all you need to do to make your terminal transparently immerged into the wallpaper and I'm sure your friends will be totally impressed of your new customized desktop. I hope you have learned something useful today.
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