Beautiful dark GTK themes for your Linux desktop

I have already written 2 articles about conky and icon sets and have received a lot of good feedbacks from my readers. By the same token I believe many Linux users are very interested in customizing their desktop. And another important thing for desktop eyecandy besides conky and icon sets is the gtk theme. There are in fact myriads of gtk themes around for your linux desktop and you can find many Linux websites and blogs having articles talking about them. However, being a fan of dark GTK themes myself, today I will dedicate a post to the most beautiful dark GTK themes (in my opinion) that I know. And I hope you can find some good themes here to make your desktop look beautiful and awesome.

Note:  All the images in this article were captured from my archbang desktop with openbox as the desktop environment. These gtk themes are what I keep in my themes folder so I can miss some other beautiful dark themes, if you know any other beautiful dark GTK theme, feel free to inform me via comments.

Double click on the images to view them at highest resolution (1366x768)


Perhaps the most popular dark gtk theme, it is currently ranked as the third best gtk theme on Gnome-look. Install Atolm is very easy for users of Ubuntu or other ubuntu-based distros since it is avaiable in PPA. To install Atolm if you're using Ubuntu, simple run these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nikount/orta-desktop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install atolm-theme

For users of other Linux distros, you can grap Atolm directly from here


This theme is only 3 months old so you perhaps dont hear much about it, but it's really beautiful. Direct download link for Plastiq

Drakfire Black

There are 2 dark Drakfire themes, the first one is called "Drakfire dream black", the latter called is called "Drakfire black" and both are equally beautiful. Download Drakfire dream black here and download Drakfire black here

Ambiance Dark

Many people dont like the default orange Ambiance theme of Ubuntu but when leodracruz customized it into dark theme, everybody really loves it. Download dark Ambiance theme here

Attack of the clones

Not really a dark theme but attack of the clones is incredibly beautiful. Download this awesome theme here.

Dark Linux

Another awesome dark theme, download Dark Linux here


Download Espresso theme here


LagaDesk is a very cool theme, it offers many versions for different colors (gray, blue, red, yellow, green ...). Download LagaDesk with all the avaiable versions here


Very stylish with brilliant contrast. Download Mira theme here


One of the highest ranked gtk themes on Gnome-look. Download Paranoid here 

Prudence Next Generation Dark version

Prudence comes with 2 versions, light and dark and both are really nice. Download Prudence theme theme here


Greenish dark, diehard4 is one of the highest ranked themes on Gnome-look. Download it here 

The day of gray 

Download The day of gray here
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