How to change text font and colors in Pidgin

Although dark gtk themes can be very nice-looking, they may at times give you problems with text colors and font in some applications. One of the applications that are most likely to have troubles when using dark themes is Pidgin. This post will show you a simple tip to adjust the text font and colors in Pidgin via just a few clicks.

First, when Pidgin is opening, hit Control + U to open the plugins settings windows. To change the color of the message text, find the "Conversation Colors" plugin, tick on it then click on the Configure Plugin button. A new window will appear and you can adjust the color options there.

customize color pidgin

To change the font and color of text in Pidgin, you need to configure another plugin -  Pidgin Gtk + Theme control. Just scroll down the plugins settings window, you will find this one. Tick it then hit the Configure Plugin button, a window will appear for you to edit the color and font.

change gtk theme pidgin

dark gtk theme problem pidgin
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