5 reasons to use ArchBang

I have written few articles about ArchBang and I got many questions from my readers about why they should use ArchBang. At first, I have to tell that I'm not an ArchBang user but I still recommend ArchBang for many people. Here are some reasons I could think of about why you should give ArchBang a try.

1 - ArchBang is Arch Linux

ArchBang is in fact Arch Linux with OpenBox as the window manager. ArchBang just comes with some applications preinstalled but you can remove these apps easily. Similar to Arch Linux, ArchBang uses the same package manager (pacman) and repositories, in other words, any application can run on Arch Linux will run smoothly on Arch Bang and vice versa. You can customize and tinker ArchBang around just like how you do with Arch Linux. You can also remove all the preinstalled applications in ArchBang (including OpenBox) to transform ArchBang into a brand new Arch Linux box with ease.

There are still 2 big differences between ArchBang and Arch Linux. The first one is that Arch Linux is a rolling-release system while ArchBang moves between discrete releases every 3 months. However, the new releases of ArchBang are just the changes of the default applications so if your current ArchBang is running well, there is no need to upgrade to the newest release.

The second big difference between ArchBang and Arch Linux is that ArchBang does not follow the "Arch philosophy", i.e. you should do everything by yourself from scratch ( that's why ArchBang got rebuked by some Arch Linux users). However, since installing Arch Linux could be a real challenge for many people, ArchBang gives you the alternative for Arch Linux without the trouble of installing Arch Linux. The most common problems you will face when installing Arch Linux is to get X start and configure wireless network, with ArchBang these two things just work out of the box. Therefore, when Arch Linux has the advantage of giving you a lot of knowledge, Arch Bang has the advantage of saving you a lot of time and effort. And this is also the second reason why you should try ArchBang.

2 - ArchBang is very easy and fast to install

Not as easy as Windows or Ubuntu, but as I said before, ArchBang is really easier to install than Arch Linux. You actually dont need to edit any configuration file when installing ArchBang. Everything is self-explained in the prompts when you install ArchBang. The only knowledge you need is about the Linux partitions and that isnt a big problem if you already use other Linux Distros before. Installing ArchBang is also crazily fast, it took less than 15 minutes in my case.

3 - ArchBang is very light-weight and stable

I knew about ArchBang the first time when I was searching for a Linux distro that is fast to install and light-weight enough to run on my aunt's computer (which has a celeron processor and only 256 MB Ram). ArchBang with OpenBox is very light-weight, the minimum requirement is only 128 MB of Ram and it only consumes about 70 MB of Ram at idle. If you still need to use your old computer or want a lightweight linux distro for your nebook, ArchBang would be a good choice for you ( other choices could be CrunchBang, Lubuntu and PuppyLinux). And ArchBang doesnt limit you with a light weight system running on old computers only, there will be no problem if you want to turn your ArchBang box into a powerhouse.

4 - ArchBang has very good documents and community

Because ArchBang is based on Arch Linux, you can use the Arch Wiki to troubleshoot your problem on ArchBang. Besides, there is a stand-alone wiki for ArchBang as well. The Archbang forums is a small but active community and your questions will always be welcome there.

5 - ArchBang is new and less-known

Not many people use Linux and not many Linux users use ArchBang, that's why you should try ArchBang. If someday ArchBang becomes popular as Ubuntu or Fedora nowadays, you can tell everybody that you have used ArchBang before it is cool.

All in all, if you are not an Arch user and havent heard of ArchBang before, just give ArchBang a try and I believe you will love it. To know more about it, you can read my Archbang review.

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