My Arch Linux desktop with XMonad

I've been using XMonad for more than 2 months but I'm still amazed of how much you can customize this tiling window manager. The image below is my current Arch Linux desktop with XMonad as the window manager. It's really fast, stable, simple and extremely productive. If you want to learn about setting up and customize XMonad, you can read my guide about XMonad in Arch Linux. You can also use XMonad in Linux Mint by following this guide. And here is my current xmonad.hs

Arch Linux desktop with XMonad

In case you're wondering, the applications you see in the picture are:
- Thunar
- Terminator
- Vim
- mpd with ncmpcpp
- Gnome-mplayer

To know more about XMonad, here is a youtube video. Hope you all like this vid.

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