inxi - an awesome tool to check hardware specifications

I've written a post about some tools to check hardware specifications. However, I didnt include inxi in this article (I just knew about inxi today - thank to an awesome comment) and in my opinion, inxi can be the best command line tool to check hardware specifications. Inxi display all the info we need to know about the hardware specifications and it can also be used on irc clients like irssi, weechat or xchat. Inxi has a wide range of options and custom triggers, along with useful defaults like -b or -F. Plain inxi, no options, prints a single line of basic system information.

To get a full report about all the hardware specifications, the command will be
 inxi -F  

Here is the output for inxi -Fz in my laptop (-z is to filter out my IP and Mac address, which are of course not good to be shown publicly)

To know about the other options of inxi, just simply run this command:
 inxi -h  

Installing inxi is pretty easy since it is in the respiratory or even preinstalled in many Linux distro. If you use Arch Linux, just run
 sudo pacman -S inxi  

Update: I dont use Ubuntu so I did not know that inxi is not in the official respiratory of Ubuntu ( it's quite a disappointment though). If you want to use inxi in Ubuntu, please check this link. And thank ChristopherRogers1991 for his awesome comment.
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