4 new beautiful conky configs on Gnome look

I've been writing 2 articles listing some nice conky configs that I found on gnome look and devianart and got a lot of visitors for these two articles so I guess linux users are always interested in conky. Today I just checked gnome look again and found 4 new beautiful conky configs that just have been submitted in January and February this year. If you are a fan of conky, you should take a look at these conky configs.

Conky Cronograph Station

beautiful conky config

This conky is really amazing, it displays all the info you need to check,ie. date, info about cpu, memory, hard drive and weather forecast. No doubt it got a very high score on gnome-look. To make this conky display the weather forecast of your location, just change the location code in the weather script. Click here to download Conky Cronograph Station.

Conky Blue

nice conky config

If you are one of the people who love to check horoscopes everyday, you will absolutely love conky blue. This conky config is perhaps the first (that I know) to display horoscopes, and it looks really cool. Click here to download Conky Blue

Conky Analog Clock

beautiful conky configs

Since londonali1010 first published her lua ring metters, many conky artists have used her initial idea to create a lot of amazingly elegant conky clocks. And this conky config is one of them. Click here to download Conky Analog clock.

Conky Box

awesome conky config

The idea of this conky is not new but the style is really innovative. Click here to download Conky Box
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