Nice dark GTK themes by CrazyT

As you may already know, I am such an aficionado of dark gtk themes that Im always searching for new gtk themes every month. Today after a brief checking on gnome-look, I just found several amazingly beautiful dark themes created by CrazyT. The themes are actually the derivatives of one original gtk theme but the colors and styles of all the themes are really nice. If you are fond of dark GTK themes like me, you should take a look at these themes. Here are the screenshot of them. (doubleclick on the image to see the bigger images)

nice dark gtk themes
Black n black

gtk theme
Black n Blue

nice dark gtk theme
Black n Green

nice dark gtk themes

 dark gtk themes

nice gtk theme
Think Correctly

beautiful gtk theme
Yellow n Black attack
To download all these themes, just visit the artwork page of CrazyT and select the one you like. After downloading these themes, extract them to /usr/share/themes or ~/.themes to use them.
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