How to fix: fail to boot Ubuntu using USB

I always prefer using a USB to install Ubuntu or any other Linux distro because it is easier, more convenient and faster than using a CD or DVD. However, yesterday a friend of mine got an error when trying to use a USB to boot Ubuntu. When he booted up using the USB, the bios of his laptop display an error " Bootmgr is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". Here is the picture of the error:

bootmgr is missing

The reason of this error is that the file system type of the USB is NTFS. To make the USB work, you need to change its file system into FAT first before using UnetBootin to create the bootable USB.

To format a USB stick, you can use Gparted or other similar tools with a GUI. However, the cooler way is to use the command line. Here I will show you how to do that:

First, plug the USB in then run the following command as root to find out the name of the USB:
 sudo fdisk -l  

After you ran this command, you will see the name of the USB ( usually /dev/sdb1)

Next, you just need to run the following command to format the USB into FAT file system:
 sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1  
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