Linus Torvalds called OpenSuse developers "morons" and told them to kill themselves

Linux creator Linus Torvalds just made a big rant, calling the developers of OpenSuse "morons" and said that they should kill themselves to make the world a better place. Everything started with that Linus had many problems when he tried to install OpenSuse on his Macbook Air ( Linus did mention about his MacbookAir on his rant) and then he got really mad after one of his daughters called him from school because she needed to enter the root password to connect to wifi network. Linus obviously thinks the security policy of OpenSuse is redundant and ridiculous when you have to enter root passwork for most of the common tasks, like changing date and time, connecting to other devices like printer and connecting to wifi. Here is the screenshot of what he wrote on his google + page:

Linus torvalds rant

And as you can guess, although Linus got over 4000 upvotes for this rant, not all people agree with him. Many OpenSuse users accuse Linus for being juvenile with the explanation that the security policy of OpenSuse is for people who have real business so they can have their precious data always highly protected. You can read more about the reactions of the users of OpenSuse toward the rant of Linus here

Meanwhile, after realizing he could get more than 4000 upvotes for his rant, Linus is trying to create a new record by posting a pic of a black cat with the hope that he could get millions of +1 for this post. Here is the pic:

linus torvalds cat

If you have a google plus account, you can give him an upvote on Linus' google plus page.
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