Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin released

Eventually, after 6 months of development, Ubuntu 12.04 code name Precise Pangolin has been released. Ubuntu 12.04 will be a LTS ( Long Term Support ) release which means it will be backed up and updated for the next five years. I myself dont use Ubuntu anymore since version 10.10 (although I did test 11.04 and 11.10 for some days) so Im not really excited about it. But from what I've been reading on the web, there are many improvements and new things in this release. If you are curious about this new release of Ubuntu, check the two articles about the new stuffs in Ubuntu 12.04 on OMG Ubuntu and Web Upd8. These articles are very thorough, well-written and consist of many screenshots.

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If you are using the old version of Ubuntu, you can upgrade into Ubuntu 12.04 directly from the terminal. First, make sure everything is up-to-date:
 sudo apt-get update  
 sudo apt-get upgrade  

Next, run the following command to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04:
 update-manager -d  

If you want to download Ubuntu 12.04 to test it, click here to download the ISO.
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