Best Linux distributions in 2012

One of the greatest things when you use Linux is that you got a lot of distributions to choose and each year, there are always some new distro appearing on the news. However, with that many options, you may be at times wondering which Linux distribution is the best. And this question, obviously, has been and will be discussed many times every year and you will find many different opinions about the best Linux distribution. Yesterday, I came across a very interesting article on about the best 7 Linux distribution in 2012. According to the author, here is the list of the best Linux distributions for 7 categories:

- Best Linux Desktop Distribution: Linux Mint
- Best Linux Laptop Distribution: Ubuntu
- Best Linux Enterprise Desktop Distribution: Red Hat Enterprise
- Best Linux Server Distribution: Red Hat Enterprise
- Best Linux Distribution for LiveCD: KNOPPIX
- Best Linux Security-enhanced Distribution: BackTrack Linux
- Best Linux Multimedia Distribution: Ubuntu Studio

From the list, we can see Ubuntu and Red Hat are the winners here. I myself quite disappointed because my favorite Distro, Arch Linux, isnt named but the author has his legitimate reasons for his picks. After all, just like the author said in the beginning of the article, if you are using Linux of any sort, you are already a winner.

All in all, this is a very great article. Click here to read the full article about the 7 best Linux distributions in 2012 with explanations for each pick.

Best Linux distributions in 2012

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