How to change grub timeout in SolusOS

I am currently using SolusOS ( my review for SolusOS) and it is really a great distro in my opinion. However, the default grub timeout of SolusOS is too short for my need, only 5 seconds. And since I have 3 other Linux distros and Windows 7 installed on my laptop, I need a longer grub timeout for me to select the operating system I want to use. To change the grub timeout, the file we need to edit is the grub configuration file, which is located at /boot/grub/grub.cfg . To edit this file, open the file with a text editor as root:
 sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg  

The timeout value is defined in line 58:

grub timeout

Just change the time value to another number that you prefer, save the file and exit gedit. Next time you boot up SolusOS, you will see the change in the grub timeout.

Note: You can also change many other things about the grub menu in this configuration file like the background image (line 67) and the colors of the grub menu text (line 70-71)
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