Make websites look more pleasant for the eyes on Firefox

If you dont notice, websites with a lot of white space ( such as my blog :P) are very likely to cause eye strain and headache, especially when you surf the internet at night. The most pleasant theme for the eyes should be like the classroom blackboard, with a dark background and light text. So if you get tired easily after staring at your glowing computer screen for a while, here are some methods on Firefox to make all websites become more pleasant for the eyes.

Method 1: Edit the color preferences of Firefox

On Firefox, you can edit the color preference settings to make the background of all websites become black and give light color to the text. Go to Preferences then choose the Content tab. On this tab, click on the Colors button:

On the color settings windows, you select a dark color for the background, a light color for the text and pick two other colors for the links. After that, uncheck the option " Allow pages to choose their own colors instead of my selections above". Then click OK and close the Preferences window.

After that, all websites will look like the BBC homepage in the screenshot below. And as you can feel, it looks very nice now:

Method 2: Use Blank Your Monitor

If you like this color settings and dont want to edit the preferences all the time, you can use an add-on named  Blank Your Monitor which offers the same feature but in a more convenient way. Whenever you want to blank out the websites, you just need to hit Ctrl+Alt+B instead of going through all the editing stuffs like above. The default color theme in Blank Your Monitor is a black background with white text, and all the links are in dark green color:

default color theme of Blank Your Monitor
If you want to change the color theme and hotkeys of Blank Your Monitor, you just need to go to the add-on page of Firefox and change the settings. The changed settings will be saved for future use.

Blank Your Monitor preferences

Method 3: Use Stylish with Firefox Black Style

With the above methods, all website will definitely become more pleasant for the eyes. However, there is one drawback is that Firefox also blanks out all the buttons when you use Blank Your Monitor or edit the color preferences. If you want to have the same style with visible buttons, you can use another method with the Stylish add-on and the Firefox Black style. With Firefox Black style, you will have a black background on all websites and the text will become white and the buttons on the websites are still visible:

Firefox Black Style in action
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