How to fix: No sound in Linux Mint 13 Maya

I just downloaded and installed Linux Mint 13 Maya ( the MATE edition) today and I think I really like it. However, one problem occured that when I tried to play some music with Banshee, there was no sound at all. ( Although the login sound still worked)

I check the sound preferences and found that due to some reason, Linux Mint picked the wrong sound output hardware in my laptop ( a Sony vaio E series). It should be the "Built-in Audio Analog Stereo" option ( the first one that got highlighted) instead of the HDMI option.

Linux mint no sound

To make the sound work again, you just need to select the first option then close the sound preferences.

However, this solution only works temporarily. After rebooting my laptop, the problem happened again. This time, I used another method that fixes the problem permanently. To get the sound to work after login without editing the sound preferences, you just need to restart pulseaudio when booting up. This can be done easily by adding some simple commands to the startup applications.

Go to the Linux Mint menu, search for " Startup Applications". When the Startup Applications Preferences window open, click on the "Add" button then add the following command into the command section:
 rm -r ~/.pulse && killall pulseaudio  

Give it a name then click the +Add button then close the Startup Applications Preferences window. It should look like this

no sound problem Linux Mint 13

And that's it. From now, the sound works like a champ in Linux Mint. If you have the same Linux Mint no sound problem, I hope this article can be helpful for you.
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