Start your Linux terminal with a running train

There are many cool stuffs for you to start the terminal with. I already have an article about how to use fortune and cowsay in the terminal:

Start the terminal with cowsay and fortune
You can also start the terminal with archey or screenfetch:

Start the terminal with archey
Today, I will show you another cool thing to start your Linux terminal with. This time, it is a running train. Take a look at the video to know what I am talking about:

The tool to do that trick is sl, a cool script written by a Japanese to correct users who accidentally enter sl instead of ls on the terminal. SL stands for Steam Locomotive.

It's simple to install sl. If you are using Ubuntu, Linux Mint or other Debian-based distros, just run the following command:
 sudp apt-get install sl  

If you are using Arch Linux, here is the aur package.

There are four additional options for the train:
sl -a : you got a running train with crying, screaming kids inside
sl -l :  you got a smaller but longer train
sl -F: wtf, a flying train !!!!
sl -e: you can interrupt the train with Ctrl + C

To start the terminal with a running train like what I did in the video, you just need to put "sl" into the bash config file ~/.bashrc ( if there isnt already a .bashrc file in your home folder, just use the text editor to create it).
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