Linus Tordvalds rant on Gnome 3 again

Linus Tordvalds rant Gnome 3

Linus Tordvalds is one of the biggest names in the Linux world so his opinions matter a lot. This time, he rants on Gnome3 again on his google plus page. The rant is pretty long ( over 500 words) so if you are too lazy to read it, here is a tl;dr version:

After dissing OpenSuse, Linus has apparently moved to Fedora 17 but he found Gnome 3 unbearable ( actually Linus Tordvalds has called Gnome 3 an unholy mess before ) so he got mad and ranted on his google plus page. The rant is mostly about how Gnome 3 is very unusable and unintuitive.

Click here to read the original on Linus' google plus

My comment:

I actually dont have enough knowledge and experience to either support or criticize both Linus Tordvalds and Gnome 3 so I cannot give any comment. After Ubuntu switched to Unity and the Gnome team aborted Gnome 2 for Gnome 3, I had tried both Unity and Gnome 3 for a few days but I didnt like them so I moved to other DEs ( Openbox, Xmonad and currently Gnome2 and MATE). Perhaps after reading Linus' opinion about Gnome3, I will download Fedora and try Gnome 3 again.

Meanwhile, if you dont like Gnome 3 but still want to use Gnome. You can try SolusOS, a Debian-based distro that still uses Gnome2 ( read my review for SolusOS). The MATE desktop environment of Linux Mint 13 is very similar to the good old Gnome 2 too ( read my review for Linux Mint 13 - MATE edition)

After all, Im totally neutral about Linus and Gnome 3. I just found the rant is very fun to read and the comments are hilarious too. I got a big LOL when I saw this comment:

Linus Torlvalds Gnome 3 funny comment
This comment reminds me of this image, lol:

Linus Tordvalds beer extension
Linus Tordvalds with his beer extension
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