Start the terminal with an animated matrix

It's always fun to play around with the terminal. I have written a post about starting your terminal with a running train and if you are bored of it already, here is a new trick for you. This time, it is about starting the terminal with an animated matrix. A video worths a thousand words, let's take a look at the video below to know what I am talking about:

The tool to do that trick is cmatrix. As far as I know, cmatrix is included in the repository of most Linux distros so installing it is a piece of cake. If you use Ubuntu or any other similar distro, just run this command to install cmatrix:
 sudo apt-get install cmatrix  

In Arch Linux, the installing command will be:
 sudo pacman -S cmatrix  

After you get cmatrix installed, to know what it looks like, just open the terminal and run the cmatrix command and the matrix will start running on your terminal. To stop the matrix, just hit the "q" key.

Start the terminal with an animated matrix

In the screenshot above, the command I used is:
 cmatrix -BC blue  

"-B" means to bold the letters in the matrix and "-C blue" is to use the blue color (the default color is green). To know all the options of cmatrix, just run:
 cmatrix --help  

To start the matrix when you open the terminal like how I did in the video, all you need to do is to add the "cmatrix" command into a bash config file, i.e /etc/bash.bashrc for root or ~/.bashrc for local user ( if you dont have the file .bashrc in your home folder, just create it anyway). Besides, using cmatrix in console mode is pretty cool too.
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