The weird codenames of Linux kernels

You must already know about the funny codenames of each release of Ubuntu. However, Im sure not many of you know that Linux kernels have their codenames too. And of course, these codenames are weird and funny as hell, like Homicidal Dwarf Hamster, Pink Farting Weasel or Sheep on Meth. ( And as you can guess, Linus Torvalds is the author of these codenames). The codename of each Linux kernel can be found in the makefile of the source trees.

Linux kernel names
Sheep on Meth ???!!!

Here is the list of the codenames of Linux kernels

Kernel version Codename
1.3.51 Greased Weasel
–2.4.15 Greased Turkey
–2.6.1 none
2.6.2–2.6.3–2.6.4– Feisty Dunnart
2.6.5–2.6.6–2.6.7–2.6.8–2.6.9 Zonked Quokka
2.6.10-rc1–2.6.10–2.6.11–2.6.12–2.6.13 Woozy Numbat
2.6.14-rc1–2.6.14 Affluent Albatross
2.6.15-rc6–2.6.15–2.6.16 Sliding Snow Leopard Stable Penguin
2.6.17-rc5 Lordi Rules
2.6.17-rc6–2.6.17 Crazed Snow-Weasel
2.6.18–2.6.19 Avast! A bilge rat!
2.6.20-rc2–2.6.20 Homicidal Dwarf Hamster
2.6.21-rc4–2.6.21 Nocturnal Monster Puppy
2.6.22-rc3–2.6.22-rc4 Jeff Thinks I Should Change This, But To What?
2.6.22-rc5–2.6.22 Holy Dancing Manatees, Batman!
2.6.23-rc4–2.6.23-rc6 Pink Farting Weasel
2.6.23-rc7–2.6.23–2.6.24 Arr Matey! A Hairy Bilge Rat! Err Metey! A Heury Beelge-a Ret!
2.6.25-rc2–2.6.25 Funky Weasel is Jiggy wit it
2.6.26-rc6–2.6.26–2.6.27 Rotary Wombat Trembling Tortoise
2.6.28-rc1–2.6.28-rc6 Killer Bat of Doom
2.6.28-rc7–2.6.28–2.6.29-rc8 Erotic Pickled Herring
2.6.29 Temporary Tasmanian Devil
2.6.30-rc4–2.6.30-rc6 Vindictive Armadillo
2.6.30-rc7–2.6.30–2.6.31–2.6.32–2.6.33–2.6.34-rc4 Man-Eating Seals of Antiquity
2.6.34-rc5-2.6.34–2.6.35 Sheep on Meth– Yokohama
2.6.36-rc8–2.6.36–2.6.37–2.6.38-2.6.39 Flesh-Eating Bats with Fangs
3.0-rc1–3.0 Sneaky Weasel
3.1-rc2 Wet Seal
3.1-rc3–3.1 Divemaster Edition
3.2-rc1– current Saber-toothed Squirrel
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