How to use Pidgin to tweet

Pidgin is a nice chatting client that is pre-installed in a lot of Linux distributions. Pidgin supports many chat platforms like yahoo, facebook, irc, AIM ... but unfortunately, the popular social network Twitter is not on this list.

However, with the help of a plugin called pidgin-microblog, you can update and check twitter and some other social networks like, .. right on your pidgin window. And when there is an update in twitter, a notification from pidgin will appear.

If you are using Ubuntu or any other Debian-based distro, just open the terminal and run the following command to install pidgin-microblog:
 sudo apt-get install pidgin-microblog  

After that, open Pidgin, go to Accounts > Manage Accounts. On the Accounts window, click the Add button:
Pidgin twitter

 You then will be presented to the Add Accounts windows, on which you just need to click on the Protocol drop menu and select TwitterIM:

twitter pidgin

Then enter your twitter username and password and a PIN number will be sent to your twitter account, you will need to enter this PIN to allow Pidgin to access your twitter update:

And everything is done, from now you can check and update twitter via Pidgin.
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