Nokia is dismissing Meltemi, a Linux-based platform for feature phones

Meltemi, a Linux-based platform for feature phones, was planned to replace Series 40, the platform that has been around since 1999. Series 40, which runs on some of the top feature phones in the world, has brought a lot of success to Nokia. However, the software was getting old, and Nokia reportedly felt that Series 40 needs to be replaced by something new and Meltemi was that something new.

A Nokia Series 40 cellphone
 But with the rise of smartphones in today's mobile phone martket, Nokia is having a difficult time and it recently reported a $1 billion loss during the second quarter this year. And perhaps thats why Nokia is trying to discontinue Meltemi.

Still, it's important to note that Nokia never confirmed that Meltemi even existed, and the company has never officially announced anything about a Series 40 replacement. So, if it did, in fact, kill Meltemi, Nokia won't have much explaining to do.
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