Set up a Linux hosting server easily with Turnkey Linux

I discovered Turnkey Linux after it was recommended to me by a colleague from University. After looking at the website, I was immediately impressed, this seemed like a perfect way for someone to easily and quickly set up a Linux hosting server without having to learn all of the commands needed to set it up using the command line. The packages are designed to minimise configuration needed by the user, making them perfect for novices or anyone who wants a time saving simple but powerful solution.

All Turnkey appliances have the Ubuntu 10.04.1, which is supported until April 2015, however in 12.10 this is being changed to Debian Squeeze (6.0.4), this is due to demand from it’s users. Turnkey appliances can be run on physical computers, VPS and in the cloud and all include Webmin, a very useful web management interface for Unix. Webmin allows users to run their server from any web browser, features include adding new users, changing DNS settings, sharing files and configuring the server amongst many others opitions. Turnkey Linux also has a number of different formats available, including the popular Amazon web service and virtual machine images that are pre installed and ready to use straight from download, or iso images are also available that will install anywhere. The service also boasts automated backup and restore on every package and it is auto updated daily with the latest security patches and bug fixes.

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