Todd Robinson and the 31 flavors project

There is a joke that there are more Linux distros than the total amount of Linux users. When this saying is obviously exaggerating, it is true that we have a lot of Linux distros already out there. But there will be more. At least there will be 31 more Linux distros after August this year.

Todd Robinson, an Open Source entrepreneur and co-owner of Webpath Technologies and, is trying to set a world record for being able to create and release 31 different usable and complete Linux distros everyday in August 2012. And even more impressive, he will do it alone.

On his website, he said:
Todd Robinson, completely un-assisted, will to attempt to create, and release, a complete desktop operating system each and every day for the period of 31 days, to demonstrate the huge advantages of using open source (shared knowledge) solutions in real-world situations.  This experiment will compare development speed, costs, and required manpower to the proprietary Microsoft® Windows® development of recent Windows releases.  It is not intended to compare features, discuss virual/malware issues, or anything outside of actual development aspects when comparing.
Additionally, I plan to highlight some of the many varieties of the Linux Desktop Computing solutions available.  For more than ten years I've had the privilege of using, or at least trying out, a wide array of desktop setups.  This experiment will allow me to share some of the unique, as well as more familiar desktops presented in different ways
In my opinion, this sounds crazily intriguing. It usually took months for distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Debian ... to have a new release ( and dont forget that each of these distros has a huge team of developers when Mr Robinson wants to do this project on his own). Moreover, the biggest difference between 2 distros is usually the desktop environments and package managers. But even after years of using Linux, I myself cannot enumerate that many desktop environments and I only know a few package managers so it's hard to imagine how Mr Robinson can create 31 different distros. All in all, this a very extraordinary and worth-noticing project. Perhaps in August, I will try to make a personal record of writing 31 distro reviews in one month :D

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