Gnome OS will be released in 2014

Creators of Gnome - the popular desktop environment for Linux - are planning for a brand-new operating system called GNOME OS, which is scheduled to arrive in 2014.

Allan Day, a Gnome UX designer, wrote in his blog:

"The idea of GNOME OS has been around for a couple of years, and there has been a fair amount of confusion about what it means. Some people seem to have assumed that GNOME OS is an effort to replace distributions, so let me be clear: that is not the case. While the creation of a standalone GNOME OS install does feature as a part of our plans, this is primarily intended as a platform for testing and development. In actual fact, all of the improvements that we hope to make through the GNOME OS initiative will directly improve what the GNOME project is able to offer distributions. "

According to a slideshare about the future of  Gnome, Gnome OS can be released in March 2014
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