How to extract a 7z file

I just downloaded ACID, the current highest rated GTK 2 theme on Gnome-look, for my Fuduntu box and the compressed file is a 7z one. However, in Fuduntu, there is no preinstalled tool to extract 7z files. Hence I got this message:

extract 7z file Fuduntu Linux

7z is the format that is handled by 7-zip, an open source Windows archive manager with a very high compression ratio. In Linux, the tool you can use to extract 7z files is p7zip. In Fuduntu, to install p7zip, you can search for it in the Software Center:

7z file Fuduntu Linux

Or open the terminal and run the following command:
beesu yum install p7zip

After you got p7zip installed, you can just right click on the compressed file and select"Extract here" to extract it. Or you can use this command:
7za x file-name.7z

Similarly, in Ubuntu or other Debian based distro, the command to install p7zip will be:
sudo apt-get install p7zip
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