How to use location entry in Caja in Linux Mint MATE

In Linux Mint 13 MATE, the file manager Caja is set to use the path bar instead of the location entry for the directory path. Using the location entry has some advantages over the path bar, such as when you want to copy paste the directory path into the terminal, or when you want to access to a folder quickly by typing the path instead of searching and clicking.

Caja file manager path bar
Caja file manager using path bar

Caja file manager location entry
Caja file manager using location entry

To switch to the location entry display, the fastest method you can use is to hit Ctrl + L when Caja is opening. To switch back to the path bar display, just hit "Escape". However, this method is only temporary, if you close the current Caja window and open a new one, the path bar display will still be used by default.

If you want to enable the location entry display by default, you can hit Alt + F2 then type "mateconf-editor" to open the configuration window. On that window, you go to apps > caja > preferences then check the "always_use_location_entry" option. After that, Caja file manager will always use the location entry display by default:

Caja file manager enable location entry

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