SolusOS 1.2 has been released

An updated version of SolusOS 1 - codename Eveline - has been released today. Both the 32 bit and 64 bit editions are available to download. Generally, SolusOS 1.2 is quite similar to SolusOS 1.0, i.e it is still based on Debian Squeeze and Gnome 2 is the default desktop environment. However, many bugs in SolusOS 1.0 are fixed in 1.2 and you will get the new versions of applications and kernel in SolusOS 1.2. According to the SolusOS page, here is and overview of the software versions in SolusOS 1.2:

Linux Kernel 3.3.6
Firefox 14
Thunderbird 14
LibreOffice 3.6
Gnome 2.30
iptables 1.4.8

And many more new applications are available in the software repository.

Click here to read more about SolusOS 1.2 and download it 
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