Upcoming Atom chip of Intel wont support Linux

Upcoming Atom chip of Intel wont support Linux

Intel officials have confirmed at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco on September 13 that “Clover Trail” - the upcoming version of the company’s low-power Atom processor would not support Linux.

The Clover Field processor, which can be seen in various nondescript laptops around IDF, is targeted at mobile devices, such as low-cost notebooks and tablets. An Intel representative at IDF said Clover Trail "is a Windows 8 chip" and that "the chip cannot run Linux".

According to Intel Architecture Group Executive Vice President David Perlmutter, the Clover Trail system-on-a-chip architecture was designed specifically for Windows 8 tablets and “convertibles.” This processor is the effort of Intel and Microsoft to provide a full Windows 8 experience (including enterprise features missing from Windows RT) on devices competitive with ARM-based Windows 8 tablets. The chip will allow Windows 8 to control Clover Trail's advanced power management features.

The reason Clover Trail wont support other operating systems , including Linux, is because of contractual obligations of Intel to Microsoft, and also because Intel wants to keep the features of the chip disclosed.

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