New usage of Raspberry Pi : Making beer

You must have already heard about Raspberry Pi and may think that this tiny computer can only be used for learning simple programming or doing some basic tasks like browsing the internet. However, a guy from Germany just used his Raspberry Pi in a fermentation temperature control system to make beer. He named the project BrewPi.

BrewPi is essentially a beefed-up refrigerator, and a funny fact is that the project was initially called "UberFridge". An Arduino board gathers data from sensors, adjusts temperature controls on the refrigerator, and runs an OLED display. There’s also a web-based interface for viewing and controlling temperatures. This runs on a web server loaded onto the RaspberryPi, which also runs Python scripts for communicating with the Arduino.

Here are some images of BrewPi in action:

Check here to read more about this wonderful project.

All in all, the project is just one example of how open source software and a new breed of ultra-cheap computer hardware make it that much easier for the people to build, well, whatever they want. And I believe Linus Torvalds will love this project

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