How to enable autologin in Pear Linux 6

When you install Pear Linux 6, you will be asked to choose to use password when logging in or not. If you have selected an option and now want to switch to the other one, here is how to do it:

- Click on the Pear System Settings icon on the dock to open the System Settings Menu, then click on the "User Accounts" icon on the bottom right corner:

How to enable autologin pear Linux

- When the User Account menu is open, to change the settings you will have to click on the Unlock button on the top right corner to unlock this menu.

Pear Linux auto login

- After the menu is unlocked, you can select the autologin option:

Pear Linux autologin

- Now everything is done. The next time you boot up your computer, it will automatically log in without asking for your password
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