Darling - Wine for Mac Apps

When someone wants to switch to Linux, one of his concerns is that he has to give up his favorite applications in the old platform. To solve this problem, Wine was developed to help the former Windows users be able to use Windows apps on Linux. Unfortunately there isnt any such tool for former Mac users.

However, Darling - a project led by Luboš Doležel from Czech Republic -is being developed. The goal of Darling, according to the official page, is “to achieve binary compatible support for Darwin / OS X applications on Linux, plus provide useful tools that will aid especially in application installation.” In simple English, that simply means that the project seeks to make Mac applications run seamlessly on Linux, just similar to what Wine does for Windows applications.

Although Darling is far from being complete, Doležel has posted on the Ubuntu forums proofs that it can work. Here are the screenshots of a simple “Hello World” application running on OS X and, via the Darling compatibility layer, on Linux:

Wine for Mac Apps

Wine for Mac applications

Since the number of Mac users who want to switch to Linux is much smaller than that of Windows users, this project wont get as much attention as Wine for sure. However, Darling can still be very helpful in the future. For example it has the potential to make iOS mobile apps compatible with Linux, which is a big deal since more and more tablets and smartphone running on Linux have been created.
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