Blizzard may launch a game for Linux this year

Blizzard logo

According to Phoronix, Blizzard - the company behind famous games like Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo .. - is set to release a game for Linux in 2013. It has been confirmed by a source at Blizzard that such a game is in the works and the game will be targeting Ubuntu users.

Although we dont know which game that is yet but it looks likely to be a port of an existing game from one Blizzard’s very popular series. Many people guess it will be World Of Warcraft because this game already has a Linux client working alongside two years of maintenance updates. 

This is a very good news for the Linux community after all. Last year, Blizzard has angered the Linux community by banning Linux users who used Wine to play Diablo III.  Since Steam has come to Linux this year and the upcoming Windows 8 isn’t exactly doing great, it seems that Blizzard has eventually seen the potential in the Linux gamers market.
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