Linux-based Chromebook of Samsung is currently Amazon's best-selling laptop

It seems Samsung is doing it right. Not only they are leading the smartphone market, 2 of their laptops are also being the best-selling laptops on Amazon. And more interestingly, the best-selling one is running on a Linux-based OS.

According to the recent list of Amazon of the best sellers in laptop computers, the Linux-based Chromebook of Samsung is #1, beating another laptop of Samsung running on Windows 8 and the newest Macbook of Apple.

Samsung Chromebook is very similar to an ultrabook because of its weigh and battery capacity. It weighs only 2.4 lbs and the battery can last for over 6 hours. It runs on ChromeOS - the Linux-based operating system created by Google just for running the web browser - Google Chrome. It also offers all the Google apps. And comparing to the ultrabooks and the other laptops in the best-selling list, Samsung Chromebook is much cheaper, only $249 if you order from Amazon ( although currently out of stock). With these features, this laptop is therefore very appealing to those who spend a lot of time working on the internet and use web apps most of the time. And that explains the high demand for Samsung Chromebook.
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