Get weather info in the terminal

If you are a power user who spends a lot of time with the terminal, having the weather info displayed in the terminal whenever you open it could be somehow handy. A tool to get the weather info is weathe-utils. This utility is intended to provide quick access to current weather conditions and forecasts.

To install weather-util in Ubuntu and any other Debian based distro, the command will be:
 sudo apt-get install weather-util  

To get the weather info shown in the terminal when you open it, use a text editor to open the ~/.bashrc file (if there isnt such file, just create one) then add the following line:
 weather -i CODE  

where the CODE is the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization airport) code that consists of 4 letters designating each airport around the world. It means that if there is an airport in your city, you can use this code to check the weather. To find the code for a certain place, you can check here or here.

For example, the code for London will be EGLL. And here is the screenshot of the terminal:

Get weather info in the Linux terminal

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