How to disable bluetooth at boot

The battery of my netbook is getting senile and one small trick I use to save the battery life is to disable bluetooth at boot. The trick is very simple, just use a text editor (as root) to open the file /etc/rc.local and before the last line, add the following line:
 rfkill block bluetooth  

Here is how this file look in my Linux Mint system afterward:

turn off bluetooth at boot

From now, Bluetooth will be automatically turned off in the next boot. Similarly, if you want to disable Wifi at boot as well, you can just use this line:
 rfkill block wifi  

Note: If you have any problem turning on bluetooth and wifi after using this trick, just open the terminal and run the following command to check which device is being blocked:
 sudo rfkill list all  

After that, to re-enable, for example wifi, you just need to remove the line in /etc/rc.local and use this command:
 sudo rfkill unblock wifi  
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