Use LibreOffice to create ebook files with Writer2Epub

EPUB (electronic publication) is one of the most widely used and appreciated e-book standards, file type maneuverable by numerous and numerous applications, operating systems and devices. There are, of course, many tools to convert a text file to Epub. But in today's article, I will show you a simple method to create Epub files with LibreOffice, the popular Office tool that is pre-installed by default in my modern Linux distros.

The tool you will need is an extension of LibreOffice called Writer2epub. To install this extension, you can click here to download the file writer2epub.oxt. After that, open LibreOffice, on the menu bar, click Tools then Extension Manager. On the Extension Manager window, click Add then browse to the file writer2epub.oxt you just downloaded to install it:

After that, restart LibreOffice Writer and Writer2epub creates three icons on the top left corner.

 To create an Epub file, just open the doc file with LibreOffice Writer then click the first of the three icons and the Writer2epub settings window will open. Choose the setting options, author, title .... and then hit "Ok" to create the epub file.

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