Bartending robot powered by Raspberry Pi met its fund-raising goal on Kickstarter

Raspberry Pi isnt just a toy for geeks to play around, it's also a cool tool to serve the convivial folks. Recently, a project called "Bartendro" has met its fund-raising goal - $135000- on Kickstarter.

According to the author of the project, Bartendro is a “precision cocktail dispensing robot,” the project founders say, that “makes tasty drinks quickly and repeatably without the mess.” Plus, it’s portable and can be taken to events and parties.

A tiny Raspberry Pi control Bartendro, operates up to 15 dispensers if you use routerboards (or 3 with miniRouter boards), which essentially suck booze out of the bottles you put into, then mix it to your specifications. And you can choose the specifications with any smartphone or tablet, which you can mount on the frame of the machine for easy access.

More than that, Bartendro is easy to set up and cleans up in about 5 minutes. Liquids only pass through food-grade tubing, not moving parts! Fill up a pitcher with warm soapy water and turn on the cleaning cycle. Run another cycle with clean water and sanitizer and the bot is good as new.

How Bartendro works is explained on the Kickstarter page, and if you want the code, its available on Github. And in my opinion, the combination of Bartendro and BrewPi would create an awesome bar for geeks.
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