Google sued for trademark infringement by 'Android' watchmaker company

google sued

It seems suing for trademark infringement is really a prevalent game in the business world. Oko International, the maker of a wide range of watches and timepieces sold under the brand name 'Android,' is suing the giant Google for trademark infringement. 

A recent rumor in many tech sites is that Google is reportedly building a smartwatch to compete with Apple and Samsung.

And although Android is know as the open source OS for mobile devices, this has been the trademark for watches and clocks made by Oko since 1994. The watchmaker company has been established since 1991 and doing business accross North America, Japan and Western Europe. The annual sales of Oko are between $1 million and $5 million.

Oko isnt afraid of Google. A suit was filed Wednesday in the California Central District Court. It is noteworthy that it was filed the same week Google's Android unit was reported by the Financial Times to be in the midst of developing its own smartwatch.

Oko is seeking both monetary damages and an injunction against Google to stop prominently using the Android name in how it promotes those products, said Howard Kroll, an attorney with Christie Parker & Hale, who is handling the case.

The amount of damages that Oko is seeking is not immediately clear. It would all depend on exactly how many of the Modify watches were sold online through Google as well as the advertising around them, Kroll said.

Google still declined to comment on the smartwatch rumors, nor would it comment on Oko's lawsuit.

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