How the websites of popular Linux distros looked in the past

Today, when I checked the archives of the websites of the Linux distros, I was really surprised to see how different these sites looked back then. Here are the screenshots of the websites of some popular Linux distros when everything just started.

In 2004, the main color theme of was somewhat red, not orange like what we see today. They also asked for donation back in 2004 and even had an affiliate program with Amazon to sell books.

The official website of Arch Linux in 2002 looked like CrunchBang's site nowadays. The main color was black, the text was white. Perhaps it was somehow related to the fact that a typical Arch user always prefers dark themes.

When Arch Linux's site in 2002 looked like CrunchBang's site in 2012, in 2007 was totally different. It was just a personal blog. And the theme was the opposite of how it looks today:

Back in 2007, looked nothing special. The theme was still pale and gray instead of green like today. The logo looked really funny then:

This is the one that has changed the less through time. Just the same style and theme:

Thats just several screenshots of the websites of some distros back in the old days. If you want to check how other sites looked in the past, you can use This will help you understand how much the internet has changed through time.
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