Linux adoption still growing

According to a recent report from the Linux Foundation, Linux adoption for mission-critical deployments and the cloud continues to grow in 2013.  The Linux Foundation's study sees the progeny dominating of Linux over its traditional rivals, Unix and Windows.

Linux adoption still growing

According to the report, the introduction of Windows 8 has had a positive effect on Linux. Around 39 percent of the survey respondents showed that they will now use more Linux in response to Windows 8.  Another good news is that more people have been moving from Windows to Linux. In 2010, the same report found that 31 percent of respondents were migrating to Linux from Windows. This year, that number has increased to nearly 40 percent.

The outlook for Linux in the server market is also good, 80 percent of respondents plan to get more Linux servers in the next five years. In contrast, only 20 percent said they intend to increase their Windows server purchases.

Linux is also increasing its position for delivering mission-critical workloads, according to the Linux Foundation study. In the 2010 survey, 60 percent of respondents were using Linux for mission-critical activities. For 2013 that number has grown to 73 percent.

The cloud also remains a very bright spot for Linux, with 76 percent of enterprises using Linux for their cloud operations. 
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