Meet Sweetbox, sweet case for your Raspberry Pi

To protect the naked Raspberry Pi and cool it when overclocked, SweetBox is a great choice for you. SweetBox is a product by Graspinghand, a group of young designers from France. And the group is having a campaign on Kickstarter to raise fund for the project.

Sweetbox raspberry pi case

SweetBox is made of strong plastic material so it can protect your Raspberry Pi from shocks and scratches. From the images, it looks robust and smooth. And with the translucent plastic, the status light from the Raspberry Pi is still visible.

Sweetbox is composed from 2 parts, the flat lower part will cover the circuit board and the  upper part will cover almost every part of the Raspberry Pi, leave only the ports and the pins. The 2 parts are clipped together smoothly, without any screws, for easy and quick opening.

Raspberry Pi case

Besides the function as a protecting case, SweetBox also dissipates heat from the Raspberry Pi. This is done with the help of 3 copper heatsinks. Here is the result of a temperature test when Raspberry Pi is overclocked for 3 hours at 950MHz:

The price of a SweetBox is £11 ( or $17) for each, the world wide shipping cost is £3 ($4.5).
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