The Croods was made with the help of Linux and it took more than 9,100 computing render-years

The Croods was made with the help of Linux, and it took more than 9,100 computing render-years
The Croods, a 3D computer-animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation, took more than 9,100 computing render-years to generate images from 3-D models. And all the animation workstations and servers were run on Linux.

According to Derek Chan -DreamWorks Animation head of technology global, “Cutting-edge digital manufacturing requires a huge amount of compute power and orchestrated collaboration across our studios”. The Linux server farm has more than 25,000 cores and they are a mix of HP ProLiant G8, G6 and G5 server blades. With its increase in cores and performance, the G8 blades achieve more than 40% higher render throughput compared to the G6 class blades and deliver more than 42% better performance per watt. The performance improvement has enabled the studio to render more efficiently and effectively and at a lower total cost. As a result, the studio increased render capabilities to an average of 500,000 jobs a day.

To bring to life the overprotective dad Grug and the teenage rebel daughter Eep, DreamWorks Animation used Linux servers and HP Enterprise Services in render farms across four geographic locations: Glendale and Redwood City, California, Las Vegas and Bangalore, India. To create the characters and intricate landscapes of The Crood, artists used HP’s most powerful workstations, the HP Z820 and Z800. With dual Intel® Xeon® processors, the HP Z820 workstation is up to 50% faster than previous generation workstations.

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