Ubuntu Style and OSX-Nostalgie , 2 new icon sets on Gnome-look

Two new icon sets just got uploaded to Gnome-look recently. Both are from the same artist.

The first one is OSX-Nostalgie, a combination of the style of Mac OS X and the style of Ubuntu. Here are the screenshots of OSX-Nostalgie:

To download OSX-Nostalgie, click here.

The other new icon set is Ubuntu Style. The design has the same style as OSX-Nostalgie. But when OSX-Nostalgie is blueish, the main color of Ubuntu Style is purple.

If you are using Ubuntu-based distro, you can run the following commands to install Ubuntu Style:
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons  
 sudo apt-get update  
 sudo apt-get install ubuntu-style  

For other distros, you can click here to direcly download the icon set.

If these 2 above are not enough for you, here is other 10 beautiful icon sets for your Linux desktop.
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