4 apps to install in Fuduntu 2013.2

Although Fuduntu 2013.2 has a nice collection of pre-installed apps to meet most of your daily tasks. There are still some other apps you should install. Here are 4 apps that I installed right after installing Fuduntu.

A music player - DeadBeef

apps to install Fuduntu

In this new release of Fuduntu, Banshee is removed, leaving VLC alone to handle the media. I dont like using VLC to listen to music so I need a music player. There are of course a myriad of music players I can choose but the chosen one is DeadBeef because it is fast, light and it integrates well with the notification applet on the gnome panel.

To install DeadBeef in Fuduntu, open the terminal and run this command:
 sudo yum install deadbeef  

A torrent client - Transmission

things to install fuduntu

I usually use my netbook to download torrents because it consumes less power than the desktop and laptop. And there is no torrent client preinstalled in Fuduntu. My chosen app is the familiar Transmission. To install Transmission in Fuduntu, open the terminal then run:
 sudo yum install transmission  

An IRC client - Xchat

fuduntu applications to install

I use IRC a lot so an IRC client is a must for me. Although the pre-installed Pidgin can be used for IRC chatting, I dont really like it. Xchat is my favorite IRC client and I think Fuduntu should include Xchat by default since they also have a channel on freenode.

To install Xchat in Fuduntu, you can use this command:
 sudo yum instal xchat  


apps to install in Fuduntu

Some Windows apps still dont have their Linux equivalents, and I use them on a daily basic. So Wine is a must-have app for me.

To install Wine in Fuduntu, use the following command:
 sudo yum instal wine  
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