8 awesome projects created with Raspberry Pi

The micro computer Raspberry Pi has become a real hit among tech fans all over the world. The model A was sold out in the US just within a few hours. Everybody wants this credit-card sized computer. And of course, being cute and cheap isnt the main reason behind its success. It is because with Raspberry Pi, people can create a lot of amazing things. And if you wonder what these amazing things are, here is a list of 10 awesome projects created with Raspberry Pi.

1 - Make beer

BrewPi, created by a German guy who loves drinking beer, is an open source fermentation controller that runs on an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. The Arduino board gathers data from sensors, adjusts temperature controls on the refrigerator, and runs an OLED display. There’s also a web-based interface for viewing and controlling temperatures. This runs on a web server loaded onto the RaspberryPi, which also runs Python scripts for communicating with the Arduino.

 2 - A bartending robot

Bartendro is a precision cocktail dispensing robot! It makes tasty drinks quickly and repeatably without the mess. The combination of BrewPi and Bartendro will create an everlasting party for everybody.

3 - A beer keyboard

Seems Raspberry Pi goes so well with alcohol and parties, thats why the third project in this list relates to beer as well. This is a keyboard made of beer cans instead of keys. It is controlled by a Raspberry Pi connecting to large plasma TV.

Read more about the beer keyboard

4 - A drum kit made of beets

 The creator called it "Beetbox". It uses the Raspberry Pi along with a capacitive-touch sensor and an audio amplifier to make each beet generate a sound when touched. Here is a video of how it works:

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5 - Pi + Lego = SuperComputer

Raspberry Pi may look like a toy for kids since its original purpose was to teach kids about programming. But when combining with another kids' toy, Lego, it turns into a super computer. A team of engineers from the University of Southampton and their kids have built a super computer from 64 Raspberry Pi's and Lego.

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6 - A spider robot

Just watch the video below, I know you desperately want it:

7 - Bring R2D2 to earth

A guy loves Star wars so much and that is what he created with a Raspberry Pi:

8- A retro computer

Fans of retro games will love this. Behold the retro computer of the future, made with a Raspberry Pi:

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