Best apps to boost your Android devices performance

In today’s fast paced world, we don’t have time for anything to slow us down. We constantly rely on our technology to help us get through the day. Whether it’s a way to get directions, emergency, mobile games or just a plain old phone call, smartphones are one of the leading and most developed tech we have. Unfortunately smartphones constantly get bogged down by old apps that continue to run in the background, which slows your device way down.

If you think your smartphone has been lacking a bit of speed since you bought it, than you should definitely check out these apps to give that old smartphone a boost!

SD Maid

SD Maid app boost Android performace
SD Maid is intended for use on a rooted device, but offers limited functionality on non-rooted devices. This free app works by deleting individual app data like crash reports and logs, from old apps you might not use anymore. You can also sweep all your apps clean with the “clean all” function.

Other features of SD Maid include Explorer which allows you to pick through your Android files, App Control which lets you freeze/reset/remove downloaded and system apps, and the ability to see the largest files that hog up the most room.

There’s also a paid version of the app ($2.25) known as SD Maid Pro, which offers a couple more features.

Check and download SD Maid and SD Maid Pro on Google Play.

Clean Master

Clean Master app boost Android performace
Clean Master is the all in one Android app that promises to clear your devices cache, unused files, search history and more! Highlighted features of Clean Master include History Eraser, which erases cache and other residual files which could remove hundreds of MB of data, Task Killer, which kills apps running in the background, and App Manager which includes a one-click app uninstaller and backup assistant.

The app is free and is definitely one of the most popular and well rated apps to choose from.

Check and download Clean Master on Google Play.

Android Assistant

Android Assistant app boost Android performace
This is a great all in one maintenance app that offers eighteen great features all bundled up into one app. Features include Process Manager, Cache Cleaner, System Clean, Save Battery and much more! All in all Android Assistant really lends a helping hand in preserving battery life, as well as offering up a potential speed boost to a bogged down handset.
There is also an ad-free version of Android Assistant for the cost of $1.99.

Check and download Android Assistant on Google Play.

System Tuner

System Tuner app boost Android performace
System Tuner is another maintenance/monitoring app, but this one claims to be the lowest consuming app of the genre. It offers great features like the ability to record and monitor your smartphone’s activities, extended task killer, Application Manager, and a CPU Manager for rooted Android devices.

The app is free and has a great following, it’s definitely worth a look at if you’re looking for a good system monitoring app!

Download System Tuner now from Google Play.

Cache Clear

Cache Clear app boost Android performace
This app is definitely for those who are big-time internet users. The sole purpose of the app is to mop up all the existing cache to optimize your smartphone experience, but also includes other features such as trace clear and auto clear, which will clear things like browsing history, Gmail, Google Maps and more.

If you’re that hardcore internet user on the go, looking to clear that cache for some extra privacy or potential speed boost, this app is for you.

Check and download Cache Clear.

1Tap Cleaner

1tap cleaner app boost Android performace
As the title suggests, this app offers users a fast and simple way of clearing all cache, history, call log, and text messages with just one tap. The app can improve your smartphone’s speed and space by clearing up all that built up search history.

Other cool features of 1Tap Cleaner include the ability to auto-clear cache and history on specified intervals, and view apps by cache, code, data, size or name. A great app that’s free and helps maintain your device by keeping it clean!

Check and download 1Tap Cleaner.

Gemini App Manager

gemini app manager app boost Android performace
A simple app that can do what most others can do, clear cache, batch uninstall apps, kill all or kill individual processes. With this app it really comes down to preference, although you’ll have the added feature of showing app abilities and info, which tells you which apps can make out-going calls/send SMS/use camera/or find your location through GPS.

Find Gemini App Manager for free on Google Play. You’ll also be able to move apps to your SD-card, which can really free up some space on the device.

Check and download Gemini App Manager.

Juice Defender

juice defender app boost Android performace
It’s the app that claims over 7,000,000 downloads, just by simply extending battery life! Juice Defender carefully monitors your Android device for the most battery-consuming functions, like WiFi and 3G/4G speeds. The app also lets you fully customize functionality of your device, which will allow for disabling/enabling connectivity of certain apps, or disabling certain apps when battery runs low.

This great app is free to download and is backed by millions of downloads and over 200,000 ratings. Try it today!

Download Juice Defender from Google Play.

Memory Booster

memory booster app boost Android performace
This app is specifically designed to tackle and manage your smartphone’s RAM, allowing your device to run more efficiently. Memory Booster works by recovering memory leaks in poorly designed apps. The app also includes other features including Memory status monitor, One-click quick boost, and Auto boost in background.

Memory Booster is the app for you if you suspect possible RAM leakage from your device.

Find Memory Booster for free on Google Play.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

AppMgr III app boost Android performace
 This app is somewhat self-explanatory, it enables you to move apps to either internal or external storage, allowing for more apps on your device! App 2 SD also gives you the ability to hide system apps, batch-uninstall apps, batch-clear app cache, 1-tap clear all cache and more.

The app has almost reached 100,000 downloads, and is really a great app-management app. The app is free with a $1.99 paid version if you’re interested.

Download the free version and the paid version of AppMgr III.

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