How to change the search engine of Chromium in Fuduntu 2013.2

In Fuduntu 2013.2, DuckDuckGo is used as the default search engine of the Chromium web browser. When somebody uses the search engine, Fuduntu will get a little amount of money from DuckDuckGo. However, since the Fuduntu project will be ended soon, I think there will be no negative effect if we replace the default DuckDuckGo with Google , the more familiar and powerful search engine.

To change the default search engine in Chromium, open the menu window and click on "Settings. On the settings window, scroll down and you will see the Search section, select Google instead of DuckDuckGo:

search engine Chromium Fuduntu

In case you dont want to remove DuckDuckGo, you can type "!g" before the search term to get the same result from google search. Similarly, use "!i" for image searching, "!b" to use Bing and "!y" to use Yahoo search.
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