Check Cyrus : DIY open source 3D printer

3D printer is a technology trend now and a guy from UK just created one for his own, he named it Cyrus and is currently fund-raising for it on KickStarter.

Check Cyrus : DIY open source 3D printer

But Cyrus is really different from the other 3D printers. What you will love about Cyrus is that all the components can be obtained easily with affordable price.

- The core of Cyrus is Extruder, an open source 3D printer project that already got funded successfully on KickStarter.
- The frame is also a successfully funded project on KickStarter, Makerbeam.
- All the other parts can be easily found in any hardware store

In short, Cyrus is much more affordable than the 3D printers made by big manufacturers. Here is a comparison chart between Cyrus and a 3D printer with the same specs:

And if you are wonder what the quality of the output products is, just take a look at what were made by Cyrus:

Read more about Cyrus on KickStarter
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