Fuduntu comes to end of life

This is a very disappointing news. While the latest Fuduntu 2013.2 was just released days ago and is really a great distro, yesterday the developers of Fuduntu have announced that the project will be ended very soon.

The news was announced on the official blog of Fuduntu, "“Beginning today, no new features will be implemented. The only exceptions are those features which are already being worked on. We will continue to provide bug and security fixes until the last day of support, however.”

The main reason for the closing of Fuduntu is the lack of support for Gnome 2. According to the blog post, "The team has been striving to bring a stable system to the community and we believe we’ve been able to do that. One of the key aspects of that was using GNOME 2. However, as time has gone by, support for GTK2 has decreased dramatically. With this, apps using GTK2 have been moved to GTK3 and old versions are no longer being maintained for either bugs or security flaws."

And in addition to the Gnome 2 problem, the move of the Linux world to systemd is another problem that Fuduntu has to deal with.And sadly, they do not have enough time and manpower.

Fuduntu was created back in 2010 as a Linux distro based on Fedora but then it was forked afterward. And more recently, with the new releases, Fuduntu has been trying to offer a desktop experience "somewhere between Fedora and Ubuntu". Fuduntu has been loved and praised by a lot of Linux users, including me, for being one of the few distros left still using Gnome 2. Other great things that Fuduntu has is a good-looking default desktop, its stability and a nice collection of pre-installed applications.

But after the recent discussion, the Fuduntu team has ultimately voted to end the project. And 30 September will be the last official date for the distro.
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